About Us

Margot E. Wilson, PhD

TransGender Publishing is a small independent publishing house located in Victoria BC. The first Canadian publishing house focused specifically on publishing transgender manuscripts, TransGender Publishing is an imprint of Castle Carrington Publishing.

We offer a wide range of supports for authors and researchers, including research design, interviewing, audio recording and editing, transcription, writing support, proofreading, copy editing, digital typesetting, cover design, photograph scanning and image editing in preparation for publication.

The proprietor of TransGender Publishing, Margot Wilson is an anthropologist recently retired from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Over the past 30+ years, Margot has undertaken anthropological research in South Asia. She has lived in a bamboo hut with no running water or electricity in a rural village in northwest Bangladesh, learning to be a village woman by living as one. Margot has also undertaken research at a shelter for abandoned women and children in Dhaka (the capital city) and at the Danish-Bangladesh Leprosy Missions in rural northwest and central Bangladesh.

She has published a number of research papers based on that research and two books based on women’s narratives. These include Daughter of the Spirit and Beyond Ideas of Wrong Doing and are available through Castle Carrington Publishing.

More recently, (since 2014), Margot’s longstanding research interests in gender, personal narrative and life story telling have led her to undertake life history research in collaboration with elders in the Canadian and American transgender communities.

In 2018, Margot published the first in a series of transgender elders’ life histories, Girl in the Dream, the life story of Stephanie Castle, a Canadian transgender woman and early advocate for the rights of transgender people and, more specifically, for transgender people incarcerated in the Canadian prison system (see Stephanie’s publication Prisoner of Gender available through Stephanie Castle Publications).

Also published in 2018 is a second edition of Feelings: A Transsexual’s Explanation of a Baffling Condition, which is edited and includes a new introduction by Margot. Originally published in 1992, Feelings was Stephanie Castle’s first non-fiction book on transgender issues. Other fiction and non-fiction books on transgender topics written by Stephanie Castle are available at Stephanie Castle Publications (a recently affiliated imprint of Castle Carrington Publishing).

Currently, Margot is collaborating with Jude Patton, Joanna Clarke and Ariadne Kane on upcoming publications of their life histories.  These publications are expected in 2018 and 2019. A volume of creative non-fiction written by Gayle Roberts and titled From Shame to Freedom: A Gender Variant Woman’s Journey of Discovery is also expected in 2018.

Upcoming projects at TransGender Publishing include three edited volumes: Glimmerings: Authenticity, Recognition and Gender Variance, edited by Margot Wilson; Life Trips: Navigating LBGTQ+ Aging, Illness and End of Life Decisionsedited by Jude Patton and Margot Wilson; and Unconditional Love: Stories of LGBTQ+ People and Our Emotional Bonds with Companion Animals edited by Jude Patton and Margot Wilson. Please see the Call for Participation for more information. If you are interested in contributing to any or all of these exciting new projects use the e-form below to contact us.