Dancing the Dialectic: True Tales of a Transgender Trailblazer, Second Edition


Dancing the Dialectic: True Tales of a Transgender Trailblazer

Rupert Raj

Rupert Raj is a trailblazing, Eurasian-Canadian, trans activist, and former psychotherapist, who transitioned from female to male in 1971 as a transsexual teenager. Dancing the dialectic between gender dysphoria and gender euphoria, cynical despair and realistic hope, righteous rage and loving kindness, this Gender Worker tells us all about his lifelong fight for the rights of transgender, intersex, and two-spirit people—and his later-life role as a Rainbow Warrior working to free Mother Earth’s enslaved animals. He is (co-)editor of Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader, and Of Souls and Roles, Of Sex and Gender: A Treasury of Transsexual, Transgenderist and Transvestic Verse from 1967 to 1991.