Gender Odyssey

Publication anticipated in 2023

Gender Odyssey: Journey of an Intrepid Androgyne

Ariadne (J. Ari) Kane and Margot Wilson

Ariadne (J. Ari) Kane is a gerontology specialist with Theseus Consulting & Coaching Service. (S)he has developed several workshops focusing on issues of gender, sexuality and health in the latter decades of the lifespan. Many are designed for the LGBT Community. (S)he has been a leading authority on gender diversity in post modern America and has given presentations at many universities and institutes in the United States and Canada. (S)he is one of the creators of the Gender Attitude Reassessment Program, a workshop on gender for sexologists and healthcare professionals. (S)he co-authored Crossing Sexual Boundaries with Professor Vern Bullough. Gender Odyssey: Journey of an Intrepid Androgyne is the distillation of 40+ hours of recorded conversation that provide a decadal representation of an intrepid traveler who has forged an idiosyncratic path through gender exploration, variance and expression.