Glimmerings: Trans Elders Tell Their Stories


Margot Wilson and Aaron Devor (editors)

Tell us your story. A story  about growing up before the age of global communication, at a time when the Internet and worldwide connectivity were still visions of the future; when inflexible, dichotomous categories of male and female, men and women, existed; when heterosexuality was the only sanctioned form of romantic attraction or sexual conduct; and when any expression of interest outside of these strict prescriptions was severely censured. Tell us your story about living in a time when those whose preferences, perspectives, and behaviours contravened the prevailing paradigms and prohibitions, when you had to negotiate dark, prejudicial places where fear, shame, guilt, despair, isolation, and a little bit of hope.

ISBN: 978-1-7751027-4-8 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-7751027-7-9 (electronic book)




  • Stephanie Castle, author, activist since 1990, founder of Zenith Foundation
  • Joanna Clark, advocate since 1980s, first to serve in two branches of the US Armed Forces in two different genders
  • Ms. Bob Davis, teacher, founder of Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive
  • Dallas Denny, author, editor of Transgender Tapestry, activist since 1980s
  • Jamison Green, author, educator, Past President of WPATH
  • Ariadne Kane, gerontology specialist, Founder of Fantasia Fair
  • Corey Keith, social worker, wellness coach, founder of CARY
  • Lili, Transvestia Magazine cover girl, model, and photographer
  • Ty Nolan, Two-Spirit storyteller, social justice advocate, community scholar
  • Jude Patton, consultant, activist since 1970s, LGBTQ+ end of life doula
  • Virginia Prince, activist since 1960s, editor of Transvestia Magazine
  • Rupert Raj, activist since 1970s, author, inductee to Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
  • Gayle Roberts, teacher, administrator, author
  • Susanna Valenti, owner of Casa Suzanna, Transvestia Magazine columnist
  • Dawn Angela Wensley, advocate since 1990s, speaker, research engineer