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From TransGender Publishing

A Social Justice Colouring Book
The Boy Beneath My Skin
The Transgender Compendium
A Trans Feminist’s Past
Triple Trans
My Life Inside the Chrysalis
Mr Winky Goes to Melbourne
Journey of a Lifetime
TRANScestors Vol I
TRANScestors Vol II
Before My Warranty Runs Out
We are God’s Children Too
Transgender Heart
My Untrue Past
QdQh: Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts
Dancing the Dialectic
Girl in the Dream

From Stephanie Castle Publications

Memoirs of a Cold Warrior
Dance of the Bacch√°
A Different Kind of Courage
Inconvenient Truths
A Lion in Waiting
Legend of Alhildr
The Elysian Project
Far Side of the Moon



From Castle Carrington Publishing

Magnovi: Secrets and Songbirds
My Dog Rigby
Pushing the Boundaries!
Until I Smile at You
Ruth’s Wonderful Song

From Perceptions Press

Can’t Her Bury Tales
Demon of Want
Trans Deus
The Queer Testament Book 1
7 Minutes
The Queer Testament Book 2
Parably Not
The Queer Testament Book 3
A Particular Friendship The Queer Testament Book 4

From All Genders Press

Rise of the Magical Three House of Phoenix Chronicles Volume I
Secrets Echoed
House of Phoenix Chronicles Volume II
The Gospel of a Witch