Praise for Before My Warranty Runs Out

*****A REMARKABLE LIFE OF AN EARLY TRANSGENDER ACTIVIST The amazing story of one of our most important Trans Activists. The struggles turn into a life of exceptional heroism and advocacy. Starting out life with an evolving sense of being in the wrong body but no one to turn to seek knowledge and advice All the while serving in the military. Her struggles turn to victories for both the Trans community but also for civil rights, AIDS, and environmental issues. Told in a style that captures the reader.

~Ray J. Greer, USA, posted on, 5 stars

*****CANDID…CARING…PULLING NO PUNCHES In the over four decades I have known Joanna Clark, I have seen her tackle new and tremendously needful endeavors with intelligence and energy. Knowing her parents as well, I understand her caring and commitment to persons and worthy causes. This book only begins to scratch the surface into the depths of this incredible woman and her leadership. It does brightly reflect the light and hope she has shared with many through her work and friendships. Thank you, Joanna!

~Deanna Smitha, Retired pastoral care clinician, clergy person, and Armed Forces chaplain, USA, posted on, 5 stars

***** A great read Well written, easy, fast, enjoyable read. She’s fascinating!

~Mermiz, USA, posted on, 5 stars