Praise for Inspired

*****Uplifting This is a truly inspirational book from its author, its a great read for all not just the trans community, full of laugh out loud moments but which also makes you think about yourself in a different way “quiet voice” really spoke to me.
I especially love the “diving boots” description for which Stella I will never look at my own shoes in quite the same way ever again.
All in all an uplifting read with a bit of travel & partying as well I can’t wait for volume two if Stella ever decides to write it….

~Fussy Buyer, UK, posted on, 5 stars

*****Truly inspirational At times very moving, at others very amusing, Stella’s book is an incredibly well written book about what it is like to be trans and the sheer joy of discovering our true selves. This is not a book about hardship, inner turmoil and rejection. It is an uplifting account of acceptance and true happiness. A recommended read for just about anyone, trans or not! To say that I read “Inspired” would be a misnomer, I savoured every word just like Stella savours every sip of the fancy cocktails she drinks in those fancy bars!

~Jon Ferguson, UK, posted in, 5 stars

*****Inspirational The book is fun and interesting to read. It is informative, sensitive and intriguing with a special message that everyone is special no matter what and that being a good person and being yourself is what matters most.

~Tracey Tilbury, UK, posted on, 5 stars

Preliminary Praise for Inspired

“Your book is so inspiring to me, it helps me see things from another perspective, inspiring me to appreciate myself and everything a lot more.” ~ Gabriella, Cis woman, USA

“You are an inspiration.” ~ Mandy, Cis Woman, UK

“Insightful, full of wisdom, heartfelt advice and authenticity.” ~ Brad, Author, UK

“Your wonderful book saved my family.” ~ Terry, Father of a transgender child, USA

“As you allow yourself to be, you enable others to give themselves permission to be as well. So, thank you for being you.” ~ Lilly, Transgender woman, USA

“You are truly a blessing, you are awesome.” ~ MW, Mother of two transgender children, Austalia