Praise for TRANScestors Vol I

You will be inspired by the wise elders ability to overcome extreme adversity! This book provides an excellent road to learn about life span development across the elder generations. It clearly demonstrates the persistence, resilience and flexibility of some of the most marginalized individuals. Anyone trying to label or pigeonhole is at a loss as these dynamic elders defy categorization. This book will shred any ageist or transphobic stereotypes the reader may unknowingly have.

~ Maximilian E. Fuhrmann PhD ABPP Geropsychology

This is a wonderful book. As a cisgender woman, I had no idea what I would encounter in these autobiographical stories and contributions, but what I found was a deeply moving affirmation of determination and resilience in the face of challenges I can barely imagine. The humanity of the authors and their lived experiences shines through and sets an example of how to respond to the imperative of being true to one’s authentic self and to face adversity with courage and tenacity. The personalities of the authors come through vividly in their stories, and I found I couldn’t stop at just one, but had to keep reading one after another. I felt as if the authors were friends I had the privilege to know, and who were sitting next to me, sharing their life stories. Some stories are tragic, some poignant, and others told with exuberance and humour, but what comes across is the focus on living in the here and now, while pragmatically facing, with grace and fortitude, the inevitable challenges of aging and illness that lie ahead. By way of disclaimer, I am a member of the Advisory Board to the publisher of this book. I was so intrigued by the book and especially by its wonderfully zingy cover, that I bought my own copy, and was so enthralled by its contents that I just had to share my response. I want to clarify that this has been my own initiative and completely independent of the publisher.

~ Fran Cudlipp

I thoroughly enjoyed the first edition!
Well edited and such a great representation of our elders. Thanks so much for this labor of love.  I can’t wait for the next book!

~Josef Wolf Burwell

Amazing. Grateful for all who shared their stories. Amazing!