TGP Titles

Currently Available

Work in Progress
Emergence from Stealth
The Stranger Within
The Boy Beneath My Skin
TRANScestors Volume I
TRANScestors Volume II
A Trans Feminist’s Past
The Transgender Compendium
My Life Inside the Chrysalis
Mr Winky Goes to Melbourne
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Dancing the Dialectic
Triple Trans
Journey of a Lifetime
Before My Warranty Runs Out
A Social Justice Colouring Book
We are God’s Children Too
Trans Elders Tell Their Stories
QdQh: Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts
Life Stories from the Inside Out
Transgender Heart
Coming of Age of a Trans Man
My Untrue Past
Stephanie Castle
Stephanie (Sydney) Castle Heal A Transgender Life
Girl in the Dream