Transgender Heart Reviews


***** Loving & heartfelt After meeting and being drawn to Bodhi this past summer, I finally read their book and it’s soooo good. A loving and heartfelt story of their journey 🧡🧡🧡 Thank you for sharing, Bodhi!

~Jarusha Brown, Canada, posted on, 5 stars

***** Wonderful Story Telling! An amazing collection of life experiences. Thank you Bodhi for sharing your extraordinary journey!

~Christine Lamb, Canada, posted on, 5 stars

It was amazing Bodhi is a master story-teller, drawing the reader in and painting a beautiful picture for them to see. I cried, I laughed out loud, I felt joy and sadness, and most of all hope (which we all need a little more of these days). The way the stories are told from the point of view of gratitude is a breath of fresh air, keeping the reader filled with awe and optimism. I am going through the events of my life (as I’m sure everyone who read the book is) and remembering what/who inspired me, got me through the hard times, held a space for me, taught me something I needed to know, showed me something I needed to see, or just loved me for who I was. Such a beautiful perspective on one’s life. This book will inspire and change lives for many years to come.

~Michael (Goodreads review) Nov 11, 2020

I have started your book. I am honoured to have a copy. As I read your words, I thank the universe for you. You are so pure, so special, and so in tune with the meaning of life! Thanks.

~Joanne Goodall

I started reading your book and need to stop now to go to sleep! I just wanted to let you know that it’s difficult to stop reading it. I started with the Circle of Women chapter, which moved me to tears. I have spent the last hour or so reading chapters randomly and deeply, appreciating and absorbing each one. What a powerful story you are telling, and I’m so grateful that you did. Thank you, Bodhi…for you and your transgender heart.

~Debora Abood

It means so much to me to have non-conforming peers, and it is so valuable to me to have that present in my family as well. You and Carol have helped alter my perception of myself and have helped me feel so accepted and loved…so much gratitude and love.

~Jasper Kasper

Bodhi, your book is amazing, I’m halfway through and bawling…your love for not just the people and animals–but the THINGS in your life that held you is amazing, and I’m devastated that in my constant need to push down and push away my pain, I threw away such treasured possessions that held me in so many ways…one of which was a stuffed cow that I used to talk to in my bunk bed. Thank you for reminding me of her! Reading your stories is exceptionally healing.

~Molly Wilder

Just finished this lovely read today. So inspirational to be reminded to be who we truly are and honour the people, places, animals, and things that bring joy and meaning to our lives. Thank You, Bodhi, for sharing life’s lessons through a glimpse of your brave and beautiful soul & big heart.

~Trish Nobile

It’s such a wonderful read, I love the storytelling–placed by the door as a must-see and where I sit and reflect on important matters. ~Catherine Lamond

Good morning, Bodhi, I want to tell you how much I’m enjoying and loving your book. We spent so much time together on Salt Spring and your sharing in your book helps me understand so much deeper what you were going through. I thank you for that.

~Liz Forrest

I read your book last week and you are an amazing writer. I really enjoyed the book. It brought back memories. You have gone through so much and I am here to support you. I applaud your bravery and fortitude. Keep on keeping on. Take care Bodhi.

~Kelly Pierson

Finally taking some time to relax and read your book. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your world with me.

~Paula Wood Blatchford

I just got a copy of your book. Going to start reading it. So great you wrote a book!!!! 10:45 pm-2:09 am ok, I just finished your book. It is so moving. It couldn’t have been easy to write. I cried in so many chapters. But also had a few laughs……No matter where you go, please know you still have old friends back here at “home” who love you for you. I celebrate your life Bodhi. Hoping one day if you are ever back here we can meet up. Thank you again for sharing. Hugs.

~Pamela Raddysh

Finished your amazing story over the weekend. Bravo for the great writing and for your honesty, perseverance, and strength as you walked this incredible journey. Hugs to you both.

~Jan Nass Theunisz

Looking for a great read? I highly recommend Bodhi Thompson Gardner’s Book, “Transgender Heart: Life stories from the Inside out.” This is a book for all people, no matter what identities you hold.  I am deeply grateful for Bodhi’s easy way of writing while sharing experiences of discovery, life, family ( human and many other creatures ), pain, healing, community, the search for self and authenticity, and so much more. For me Bodhi’s words are powerful, yet a simple call to home for my truest self.

~Jordan Sullivan

This was not a book to rush through. It needed my undivided attention as I didn’t want to miss a thing. What a wonderful writer you are Bodhi! Your life journey held me captive, your fall down the mountain had me holding my breath, the love you have for Carol made my heartache and your blankets had the mother in me wanting to hold you and tell you everything would be okay.

~Melanie Morris 

Dear Bodhi, Your heart and soul has been put into and exposed in every story you have written in your book Transgender Heart. Because of your well written, supportive, and encouraging words and life messages, youth will not have to wait until they are in their fifties to comfortably be them chosen selves of male or female. I am thankful that found friends, pets, life experiences, and work have made you stronger and kept you living in order to touch and open the hearts of other transgenders to the possibility of being themselves loved, accepted, and respected during their days on earth. Dear brother Bodhi, you deeply touched my heart with Transgender Heart. I am very proud of you and your written words. Go live the life journey you always knew and wanted. Love you. Past. Present. Always.

~Sister Barb