The Love Beneath


The Love Beneath:

A Journey to Love and Womanhood

Diamond Stylz-Collier

They say hindsight is always 20/20. But even as an adult looking back on the many facets of love in my life, it’s still a little blurry. When I got older, I realized how important love was to my survival and sanity, in my coming-of-age story. I started openly telling these stories on YouTube in 2008. These were vulnerable and honest stories about intimate relationships and how my burgeoning transness impacted the world around me. These entanglements were sometimes full of joy while some were poignant and hard to relive. So many people across identities related to the underlying themes of these videos, so I decided to write a book that combined those experiences, my reflections, and my audience reactions. This book is a reflection of moments of love throughout some of the darkest and happiest times in my youth.