Transgender Compendium


The Transgender Compendium

Medical, Psychological, Social and Legal Aspects of Gender Diversity

Diane Saunders

with contributions from Joanna Clark and Jude Patton

We all know what LGBTQ stands for, but how many of us know that the “T” in LGBTQ stands for “transgender”? What does “transgender” mean? How many people fall under that “umbrella” term, which, over the years, has come to encompass more than just one aspect of gender?

The Transgender Compendium discusses gender as a part of who we are, how we perceive ourselves, and how others perceive us. But gender is not necessarily set in stone. It is inherent in our makeup as human individuals, but not everyone perceives themselves as male or female. Human diversity is truly amazing, and The Transgender Compendium takes you on a journey that explores the many aspects of what it means to be transgender.

The Transgender Compendium delves into these subjects and, in doing so, reviews the legal, medical, and social research, the diagnostic criteria in the medical, psychiatric, psychological, and sociological literature, and the legal landscape regarding the civil rights of transgender people. The Transgender Compendium also provides information on the LGBTQ community more generally and reviews the professional resources available to help others understand the transgender experience along with the treatment options available.

Come along and enjoy the ride.