Transgender Heart


Transgender Heart: Life Stories from the Inside Out

Bodhi Thompson Gardner

Transgender Heart is a collection of short stories that trace the heart-journey of a small farm kid, youth, and adult, from rural Saskatchewan, across the binary landscapes of life. A deeply grateful soul emerges, while exploring all the hidden nuances of the people, places, and things that held them together. Hidden comforts are revealed from the inside out, an inner harvesting of an authentic self. Their true self searching for somewhere to belong, finds love, acceptance, and authentic connection in the most intriguing and unusual spaces. Black hockey skates not only enrich their game but authenticate their heart. Spaces of unconditional love come from four-legged wild beasts, two-legged mentors, matriarchs, warriors, and elders. An RCMP officer who saw their struggle and offered a hand instead of handcuffs, gifts of nature, and family support abound: however, the biggest surprise of all is their most cherished treasure, the one thing that kept them alive for over 50 years. Transgender Heart, highlights the courage and tenacity of the human spirit to rise up!


ISBN 978-1-9992472-8-7 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-999-2472-9-4 (Kindle e-book)

ISBN 978-1-7772360-0-7 (Smashwords e-book)