We’re Non-Binary


We’re Non-Binary: And So are You… No Really!!!

A curated anthology on Non-Binary Identity


For almost two thousand years, misconceptions regarding sex and gender identity have abounded. Be it from the limitations of the ancient languages of Scripture, the apparent binary of sex in nature and human biology, societal roles established in Scripture and maintained in Western Culture, or for many other reasons, a binary perspective persists.

During the 20th century, some of these notions have started to break down. With scholarship surrounding the Stonewall era, more barriers have been broken. As transsexual, and later transgender, identity became more widely known, the binary of sex and gender was transgressed and transcended. Still, the binary continued to persist.

And scholars are beginning to take note. What was originally perceived as two opposite forms, one male and one female, shifted to a line segment model, with male at one end, female at the other, and a distribution of androgyny in between. Then, as time progressed and as this model was found to be flawed and limited, a new model emerged, one that recognizes both sex and gender as distributed in multi-dimensional space, with male and female each occupying only single points in that space.

Today, even people in elder LGBTQ circles are beginning to accept the notion of a non-binary identity and are adopting it for themselves.

This perspective is consistent with Scripture, history, nature, culture, human nature, human biology, medicine, and every other area of research that one might consider. Of course, there are many holdouts in the straight world, and in the queer world too, who do not accept this definition of LGBTQ identity. Still, it is here. This new edited volume, to be published by TransGender Publishing, is planned as an anthology that reflects the nature of non-binary identity through original works of scholarship, fiction, poetry, prose, and personal reflections, stories, and anecdotes by and about non-binary people.

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